Deonesse Hand Sanitising Gel Now Available! Australian Made!

Welcome to JTheColour

J the Colour has a strong focus on professional hair colour, haircare and styling products.  The range of J the Colour products is so extensive, we aim to cater for each individual’s need who has their own ideas of what they would like to achieve from haircare and styling products.


Salon-Quality Products & Dedicated Team

We are dedicated in providing hairdressers with the highest quality products and excellent service.  J the Colour is commited to distributing according to the salon only principle.  J the Colour is developed in one of Rome’s most advanced hair cosmetic laboratories, where the highest quality, most sophisticated ingredients are used to create products which provide reliable and consistent solutions to each persons haircare needs.

J the Colour truly is the Formula for Beautiful Hair.

Professional Finishing Range

An extensive range of finishing products for all hair types for all occasions, with many levels of hold, to help add texture, shine, and an amazing finish to your hairstyle. Find out about Wax, Modelling Pomade, Mousse, Gel, Fiba, Smoothing Silk, Hairspray, or Hair Lacquer and discover the right product for your hair type and current hairstyle.


Bio Complex Natural Home Haircare

This 5 step treatment range is the ideal way to repair your hair in between salon visits, while the styling products in the range will protect hair from UV Light, and are water soluable.


Re-idra Organic Home Haircare

Re-idra is now on SALE!

Re-idra is an organic range of home haircare products made up of a combination of moisturising plant based Glycol agents and ingredients, Wheat protein, Silk Protein, conditioning and softening agents, and protective film forming elements that are aimed at enriching and nourishing the hair. This range is SLS free, making the shampoos perfect for sensitive scalps & Dandruff conditions and disorders in particular.


Deonesse Home Haircare

The Deonesse range of home haircare products is made up of natural ingredients that are sulphate and paraben free and that will help restore and hydrate hair while maintaining a good balance of moisture and protein. The colour care range will ensure that all hair colours will last longer sealing and protecting the hair from UV Light and damaging atmospheric conditions, while the tonelite anti yellow shampoo will remove yellow and gold tones from all hair types. A great affordable range of home haircare.


Hair Fruit Home Haircare

The Hair Fruit range of home haircare products is made up of a Kiwi Shampoo and Conditioner with extracts of Kiwi Fruit and Aloe Vera formulated to give hair shine, body, and bounce, and a Pepermint shampoo and conditioner derived from Peppermint Oil and Aloe Vera that is ideal for sensitive or dry flaking scalps. The range is totally natural, great for all hair types, scalp conditions, and is amazingly refreshing.

J Plus Home Haircare


J Plus home haircare products have been formulated from natural ingredients that include Boysenberry, Pomegranate, Avocado, Apple, and Aloe Vera extracts that provide hair with lustre, shine, and help to regenerate damaged and hair that requires repair. The products are sold in half litre sizes and at very affordable prices making the range perfect for families and various hair types.